Animals Ready For Adoption Here are just a few of the special pets available at our shelter!

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    chocolatebunny peep Cadburycremeegg jellybeans
    Looking to adopt a bunny for Easter? Sweet Cocoa is the one for you! Familiar with rabbit care requirements and looking for a pet for life? Call us!   Adorable little Peep would definitely make a neat pet. A real classic! You'll just want to make sure to keep them far away from the microwave!  We're not sure what's inside this colorful &  shiny egg we found, but if you listen you can hear Caddie (as we named them) clucking! Awww, look at these little guys! Unfortunately their person wasn't able to care for them all, so they're looking for loving homes. Adopt one or more!
    Gefiltefish2 Matzah matzahballs macaroons
    Sweet Gefilte is a lovely little fish. As a pet, they might not be to everybody's taste, but we think they're great - just like the ones Bubbe used to adopt! Mat is a laidback pet and very easy to care for. Perfect for people in a hurry and on the go. Has a habit of hiding around the house until you find them! These cute little fellows are light and fluffy and looking for a loving home! Remember, spay or neuter your pet - learm how we can help!   You'll go coco-nuts over these cool little ladies - they're so sweet. Not the kind of pet you're looking for? Visit the Refuge to see great cats & dogs!
  • Click on the tabs above to see even more of our awesome adoptables! Scroll down for adoption info and to fill out our online application. And don't forget to check out some of our regular pets too!

    dino.jpg rex.jpg spike.jpg tribby.jpg
    Dino's a clever & friendly velociraptor. Sadly, there were some deaths in the family, so she needs a new home - fast. (100503) Rex is a big old softy - a lover, not a fighter. He has the cutest little forelimbs! He needs a big yard and understanding neighbors. (100574) Someone left Spike tied to our gate one morning. This handsome triceratops enjoys eating and sunbathing. Sweet. (100512) Little Tribby's a quiet and relaxing pet. Watching her scuttle around her tank looking for food is downright meditative. (1000500B)
    smilodon.jpg max.jpg meg.jpg dippy.jpg
    Fluffy is a sweet kitty - his person found him as a tiny cub, but just can't keep him anymore. Likes to play, loves to nap. (100545) Max is an adorable baby pygmy mammoth from the Channel Islands. Very playful, loves to scoot around all over. (100542) Meg is a laid-back & friendly giant ground sloth. She sure loves to eat! She'd do best with a big yard. No dogs, kids 8+. (100509)
    Aww! Cute little Cauley came from a stream up in the Allegheny Mts. He loves to swim - very gracefully, too - & cuddle. No cats. (100581)
  • kraken1.jpg Reggie.jpg Tom.jpg  peg.jpg
     Chris is a happy, playful Kraken who loves splashing about. Best for owners w/ a large pool or pond. Very intelligent! (102066) Reggie the Basilisk was found wandering the streets as a stray - we've been unable to contact his owner for some reason. (102003 Adopt frisky Cindy the Chimera - she's like having three pets in one! Does not get along with Pegasi. Tricky diet requirements. (102020) Peggy is a lovely and spirited winged horse who had been on display at a gas station. Does not get along with Chimeras. (102039)
    george.jpg   cornelius.jpg  jean.jpg  cerberus.jpg
    George is a brave & noble Griffin with the heart of a lion & the wisdom of an eagle. Unfortunately not yet littertrained. (102055) Cornelius is a very handsome and dignified Unicorn. He's looking for a very specific kind of owner - pls contact us for details. (102029) Jeanie's a sweet little Phonix-bird - her owner found her as a mystery egg, but due to an incident he has to move & can't take her. (101941)
    Steadfast & loyal, Spot is a rare Cerberus dog. Sadly, his owners got divorced, so he needs a new home. A great guard dog! (102019)
  • Click on the tabs above to see even more of our awesome adoptables! Scroll down for adoption info and to fill out our online application. And don't forget to check out some of our regular pets too!
    Nessie, Loch Ness Monster (108700) Patty, Sasquatch (108701) Jersi, Jersey Devil (108703) Mokie, Mokele-Mbembe (108704)
    Nessie is a sweet lass, quiet and unobtrusive. She loves the water, and is looking for a home near a very deep lake. Big fan of bagpipe music and Braveheart. (108700) Patty is somewhat shy, but very smart and peaceful. You'll hardly notice she's there! Loves the outdoors. Searching for the perfect pet? Come adopt her!  (108701) Jersi was found as a stray wandering around the Pine Barrens in New Jersey. We're not exactly sure what she is, but she's very neat, and quite interesting! (108702) Mokie is one cool dude. He enjoys hanging out in the water and munching away. Unfortunately his person had to move away. Go ahead and take him home today! (108703)
    Matt, hoop snake 108705)  Jackie, jackalope (108706) Chupie, Chupacabra. (108707) Ope, Drop bear. (108708)
    Matt is a fun-loving and energetic snake who enjoys exercise - he'll make a great jogging/biking buddy! The perfect pet for adults with an active lifestyle - no kids. (1078604) It's Spring, and happy, bouncy Jack wants to leap right into your heart! Sadly, his owner couldn't take care of him any longer. Why not let him hop home with you!? (108705) Brave little lady Chupie came to us with a number of problems, including a skin condition and some behavioral issues. Nothing that a little TLC can't fix - adopt her! (108706) Opie is a fun fellow who loves to climb! This mischivous little guy will let go so he falls plop! on your head, and nuzzle you. Oddly, his person appears to be missing. (108707)
  • Adopt one of these great pets, and you'll have a wonderful life! Learn more about them. Can't see all 12? Just reload.
     opabinia-3  Placeholder  hallucigenia  Anomalocaris-2
    Opie is just so cute, with his five adorable eyes - and look at that darling probuscis! Give this little guy a loving home! (107618) 
    Lovely Mariella is beatiful, delicate, and graceful -  simply a joy to watch. Sadly, her person had to move. Come adopt her today!  (107414) Ok, Halle may look a little odd, but underneath that prickly exterior is ... well, we're not exactly sure what. But they're very nice! (107330) Anna is a big ol' sweetheart, full of energy and personality, who loves to curl her great appendages 'round your finger. Best as an only pet.  (107610)
     Sidneyia-2  Canadaspis-1  Yohoia-1  Aysheaia-1
    Sidney is just a great guy, laid-back and easy-going and full of love! A kid found him and brought him to the Refuge. Adopt! (107618) Kenny is a little cutie who loves playing in the mud! Enjoys snacks and getting petted on his carapace. Very friendly.  (107631) Joey is a neat fellow - unfortunately, his person just couldn't care for him anymore. Fun-loving and pretty adorable! (107612) Aysheaia wants to give you a big hug! This sweetie can be a bit shy at first, - just give her time. Has an odd habit of chewing on sponges. (107611)
    wiwaxia-2 Leanchoilia-2 Canadia-2 Metaspriggina-2
     Wi-Wi is a cool little fellow who likes just hanging around and chilling out. Perfect for apartment living! Best with older children. (107628) Lovely Leanne is a sweet, sensitive little lady looking for a loving home.  She's just so cute - come down and adopt her today! (107619)  Do you want Candy? Yes you do! She's covered in beautiful bristles and enjoys playing and snuggling. Sadly, her person couldn't keep her (107602)  Spriggy is an active little fellow who loves exercise. He may not look like much, but we think he's destined for big things. Adopt! (107634)
  • Drac Frank Chaney Opie
    It's Alucard! This handsome guy was found on a ship coming from Romania. Those eyes .. those mesmerizing eyes ... must obey ... the blood is the life! Adopt! (107618) 
    Frank is a big sweet lug! This gentle giant was being mistreated - help him learn to trust again! Doesn't like fire or taunting. Best with older children. (107414) Chaney really enjpys being petted! He was brought to us by a villager who kept repeating some strange rhyme about the moon and flowers. Allergic to silver. (107330) Fanti may be a bit strange-looking, but is just really misunderstood. He loves music and damp caverns. Can be a bit possessive, but sweet! (107610)
    Kreacher  kingkong Zilly Tepi
    Kreacher's person passed away, so this fascinating fellow is looking for a loving home, ideally near water. Probably best with adults, and as an only pet. (107615) You'll go ape over King! This giant goofball loves to climb, & is looking for a loving home away from the city, with lots of room to play. Mostly likes women.  (107616) Zilly was found wandering around Tokyo - he can seem cranky at first, but give him time and you'll see how sweet he is. Fenced yard required. (107613) Teppi is a laid-back, easygoing senior guy. (We're not exactly sure how old). He doesn't seem to do much - a great starter pet for busy households. Loves the Bangles. (107619)

  • wissschist.jpg sandstone2.jpg basalt.jpg erratic.jpg
     Wissy is a sweet senior Wissahickon Schist, about 500 million years young. Very pretty. Good with children. (103500) Sandy is a pretty girl who enjoys relaxing on the beach, hanging out by the river, or desert treks. Friendly! (1035012) Basil had a pretty hot temper when he was younger, but now he's pretty cool and laid back - does great with other pets too! (103480) Erica was found as a stray in the park - we're not sure exactly where she came from, but she's very pretty. Adopt!! (103520)
    gneiss2.jpg gabbro2.jpg granite.jpg rocks.jpg
    Edward is a cute little guy, and really nice, as well. Enjoys sitting around, and, well ... sitting around. Housetrained, too! (103457b) Gabby is very lovely, and would love to come home w/ you. Doesn't require lots of grooming, great for small apartments! (103513) Granny is another sweet, easygoing gal - she enjoys sitting on countertops. Gets along well just about anywhere. (103530/28)
    Aww, look at all these adorable little ones. Cute and playful! How can you resist?- Go ahead, adopt 1 or more! (103532a-z)
  • 106604 (Grady, brown tardigrade) 106073 (Cope, Megacycops copepod) 105963 (Daphne, Daphnia water flea) 106007 (Skittles, mosquito larva)
    Grady is an adorable little water bear! He can survive freezing & boiling temps, the airless vacuum of outer space, huge doses of radiation, & go without food for years. Perfect starter pet! (106064) Cope is a friendly fellow who likes swimming around and just chilling out.  Aww, look at his cute little eye! Plus, mouseover to see his sister Pod - she's just as sweet!  (106073) Pretty little Daphne loves to jump all around in the water! This happy little hopper is just two months old and hoping for a happy home - hey, about yours? (105963) Skitter 's a sweet little baby girl who's looking for a peaceful, quiet home to grow up in.  She's a bit shy right now, but just give her a little time and I'm sure she'll be really, really cuddly! (106007)
    106088a (Scuddy, amphipod) 106103c (Heidi, hydra) 106118b (Furry, rotifer) 106089 (Tommy, diatom)
    Scuddy is a sweet little girl who's just full of energy. Unfortunately, the other pets in her home didn't get along with her, so she needs a new place to live. Can she come home with you? (106088a) Heidi is a lovely little lady, delicate and adorable.  She's pretty quiet and just likes to hang out, but can be really affectionate, too - she'd love to hug you with her tentacles! Adopt!  (106103c) Furry is a cool guy who loves to eat! Sadly, his person was unable to care for him any longer, so he's looking for a new loving home. Already neutered. Check him out! (106118b)
    Tommy is a exquisitely handsome fellow whose person had to move and couldn't take him. An easygoing guy who doesn't ask for much, just sunlight and silicon. Come give him a home! (106089)
  • In honor of our 20th Annual Fur Ball gala (theme: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) today, April 1st, we're showcasing some of our more unusual adoptable pets. Looking for the cats, dogs, and rabbits? Just click here. Can't see all 12? Just reload.
     barrel eye  angler fish  blobfish-1  goblinshark
    Barbara Barreleye is simpy adorable with her big eyes and transparent head-dome. Things are looking up for her - all she needs now is a home! (109402)
    Sweet Angel may have a face that only a mother could love, but she will light up your life. Calm and easy-going - would love to relax with you! (109414) Poor Bob seems very depressed here at the shelter. Why not come by and foster or adopt him? We're sure he'll do fine in a different environment. (109330) Lynn is a neat gal. She's pretty laid-back and enjoys just hanging around. Knows some neat tricks. She's looking for a loving home - adopt!  (109610)
     viperfish  stargazer2  dumbo octopus  giant isopod-2
    Fang is an awesome guy - very playful. Pretty fast, too! Sometimes can be a little nippy, though, so best with older kids or adults.  (109618) Star is a little shy, but very sweet - she just needs a little patience, time and TLC. Venemous and can give electric shocks - best with adults. (109631) Dumbo is just so cute! He's waiting for you to stop by and meet him so he can guve you a great big hug. Go ahead - adopt this happy boy. (109612) Aw, just look at Isaac! This big boy loves to eat! He can also curl up into a ball -  neat trick, huh? He's hoping you'll gibe him a happy home! (107611)
    yeti crab tubeworms transparent sea cucumber combjelly

    Kiwa is ready to be adopted! This sweet fuzzy girl loves to be petted! She's blind (in fact, has no eyes at all) but seems to get along just fine.  (109628)

    Busy life? Looking for a great easy-care pet? These cute guys don't even need to be fed! (In fact, they don't need sunlight, either - adopt!  Luke is a fascinating fellow! You can enjoys hours of fun just watching him. Loves to creep around slowly on his tentacles - such a cutie! (109602)  Celia is simply lovely. She enjoys zipping around and is looking for a loving happy home.  Come on over and adopt this sweetheart! (107634)
  • 106904 (William Shakespeare, 16th Century poet, playwright, actor) 106722 (William Wordsworth, 19th Century Romantic Poet) 106798 (Emily Dickinson, hugely important 19th Century poet) 106864 (Walt Whitman, extremely influential 19th century American poet)
     William Shakespeare is a witty English gentleman who would love to compare you to a summer's day. Adopt him, and you will scorn to change your state with kings! (106904) William Wordsworth was found wandering lonely as a cloud - come on down and give him a home! Loves to play with daffodils, and with rocks, and stones, and trees. (106722 Emily Dickinson is somewhat - Shy, yet with a lively - and original Mind. Very Discerning - and Deliberate - in her choice of friends. Likes to stay - at Home. (106798) Walt Whitman is large, he contains multitudes. He too is not a bit tamed, he too is untranslatable. He sounds his barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world. Likes to play in the grass. Adopt! (106864)
    106852 (Robert Frost, 20th century American poet) (106879) Marianne Moore, 20th century American Modernist poet) (106815) Ezra Pound, 20th century Modernist poet) 106839 (Edna St. Vincent Millay, 20th century American poet and Pulitzer Prize winner)
    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and Robert Frost ran off down one and got lost, so he needs a new home. Dislikes walls, and has been one acquainted with the night. (106852) Marianne Moore loves writing, animals, baseball, and boxing, and especially enjoys romping around "imaginary gardens with real toads in them". Give her a home! (106879) Ezra Pound is brilliant, but "a cat that walks by himself, tenaciously unhousebroken and very unsafe for children." Out of key with his time, with unfortunate views. Looking for an understanding home. (106815)
    Edna St. Vincent Millay is lovely, unconventional & unsentimental. She feels that's it is not enough that yearly April comes like an idiot, babbling and strewing flowers - she wants you to adopt her! (106839)
    106636 (Langston Hughes, 20th Century American poet, activist, novelist, playwright, columnist; a major figure of the Harlem Renaissance)) 106705 (Elizabeth Bishop, 20th Century American poet, US Poet LaureatePulitzer Prize winner for Poetry, National Book Award winner, etc...) 106853 (Dylan Thomas, 20th century Welsh poet) 106878 (Allen Ginsberg, 20th century American Beat poet)
    For Langston Hughes, life ain't been no crystal stair - it's had tacks in it, and splinters, and boards torn up,
    and places with no carpet on the floor -- bare. Take him home - he deserves a place at the table. (106636)
    The art of losing isn't hard to master, and indeed Elizabeth Bishop lost her home and needs a new one. It's no disaster - just adopt her! She loves sitting at the seashore and observing everything around her. (106705) Dylan Thomas is an utterly entrancing fellow (if with a few bad habits). I mean, seriously, just listen: "Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light." Adopt! (106853) Allen Ginsberg saw the best minds of his generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked. He also rather disturbed the neighbors with his Howl.  But come give him a home - he's pretty amazing. (106878)

Animal Adoption (April 1st)

• Welcome to the Morris Animal Refuge's Adoption page. Thank you for choosing to adopt. We sincerely hope that you will open your heart and home to one of the many wonderful animals at Morris. Morris' adoption services cover the Greater Philadelphia/Pennsylvania Region including the tri-state area: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

• To adopt you will need to fill out our Online Adoption Application or complete one at the Morris Animal Refuge (1242 Lombard Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147). There you can view the available animals that are waiting for their new family to take them home.

• Applications generally take 24-48 hours for approval. There is a possibility for same day adoption if all information on the application is confirmed, but we cannot guarantee it. Once your completed application is reviewed by an Adoption Counselor you will be contacted to let you know you are approved and if there are any restrictions on your adoption. Bear in mind, that frequently an application may get delayed while waiting for all the necessary information from the references you provided to be confirmed.

• We begin our review of Adoption Applications by the next working business day after submission.  Reviews are generally completed within two working days of submittal. It is your responsibility to check with us after that time to determine the status of your application.

• No animal may be selected until your application has been processed and approved. You are welcome to walk through the shelter to view the animals prior to adoption.

• Once approved, you may come in to select any animal that fits the guidelines of your approved application. The Adoption Coordinator will review your selection and will make the necessary arrangements for taking the animal home. All animals are spayed or neutered before going home.  If the animal is not already neutered it will be necessary to wait a few days before picking up your animal.  You will be called after your new pet is neutered to come and take it home.

• Your approved application stays active for six months if there are no changes in the information you gave. If you do not see an animal you are interested in at this time, we encourage you to stop in anytime to see our current animals.

• The Morris Animal Refuge reserves the right to refuse any adoption.