Classroom Pet Program

Classroom Pet Program

Attention, teachers! You can adopt a classroom pet for free through the Morris Animal Refuge Classroom Pet Program. (Cage and supplies normally aren't included, but if we have extras we'll be happy to donate them). Our staff can also provide an optional classroom presentation about pet care, humane education, and career oportunities, and the Refuge is available for field trips.

In a recent American Humane Association/Pet Care Trust study [pdf] of 1,200 teachers, many reported that classroom pets

  • helped students learn responsibility, animal care, and science/nature
  • helped students get excited/happy about school 
  • improved social interaction, behavioral issues, and class participation
  • other significant benefits, from empathy to attendence

There are some great resources available at the Pets In The Classroom website, and they also have a grant program for teachers - now accepting applications for the 2017-2018 school year! (Read an article on how one
Philadelphia school benefits from grant-funded pets in the classroom here).

All you need is a current teacher ID, and to commit to a) taking the pet home at the end of the year or b) finding the pet a suitable home. If you rehome the pet, we ask that you provide the new home with our contact info (if they need advice or are no longer able to keep the pet), and the Refuge with their contact info (solely for recordkeeping purposes).

See some of the small pets eligible for adoption through the Classroom Pet Program on our adoption page.