LifeSaver Fund

• The Morris LifeSaver Fund is a program which allocates donated money to an account for the special needs of the animals turned into the Refuge. Unfortunately animals are surrendered which have been abused, badly cared for, injured, and in need of medical care. Our operating funds are not substantial enough to cover the costs of the medical care these animals require. Sometimes the Morris staff will pool a portion of their salaries to assist in paying for the medical costs, however, that can only be done rarely.

• A recent example of a 'happy ending' for a badly injured dog follows. Dexter, a lab mix pup was found on the streets of the city with a severely broken back leg, most probably as a result of a car hit and run. We had x-rays taken and they showed an extremely serious break that would require costly and complicated surgery. Not knowing what to do with him and not having the money to obtain the surgery he needed, we reached out to Michael Moyer, head of the Shelter Medicine Program at Penn. Michael generously arranged for the vet school to do the complicated surgery pro bono. Dexter was soon up and doing amazing! As he bounded around the offices, you would never suspect he had a serious leg injury. He completed his rehabilitation at the refuge, and was adopted by a wonderful family!

• Unfortunately, the outside help we receive from the medical needs of special animals is limited. The LifeSaver Fund was thereby created to attract donors who have a special place in their hearts for these badly abused and injured animals and to give them a chance to find a welcoming home to live out their lives. If you would like to donate to the LifeSaver Program, click on Donate and specify in the Comment Section that you would like your donation to go there.