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Pawcasso Roulette
Saturday April 25, 2020
Location: Online Event
Start Time: 6:00 PM

Purchase a ticket to Pawcasso Roulette for just $20, send in a photo of your pet, and receive back a custom painting or drawing of your pet! The catch is... you don't know if the drawing will look like this...

Like this..

Or maybe like this...

This event is completely online and 100% your $20 ticket will benefit The Morris Animal Refuge. Huge shout out to our amazing volunteers and staff of all artistic abilities who will be creating these incredible masterpieces for you.

Steps to follow to be sure you receive your masterpiece:

1) Purchase a ticket for $20 on Eventbrite

2) Screenshot your purchased ticket and email it, along with a photo of your pet to

3) Your photo will be sent at random to one of our pet pawcasso painters. Once your piece is completed, you will receive a digital copy of it

4) When the shelter has reopened to the public, you can choose to have your piece mailed to you or pick up in person at the refuge!

Please note: If you are submitting multiple photos of different pets, please purchase multiple tickets. In order to not overwhelm our painters, we are only selling up to 80 tickets so act fast! Let's have some fun!