three cats snuggling on a couch
Adventurous Amelia

    Amelia started off her tenure at Morris on the wrong paw when she bit a staff member on the first day. She was easily frightened and would need a lot of TLC to warm up to anyone. The shelter environment was clearly not the right fit for this long-haired girl, so the team quickly searched for an appropriate foster placement.

    While Amelia began to open up a little bit with a break from the shelter, she was still extremely wary of her human roommates even after weeks of gentle care. The team decided to move her to a different foster home, hopefully gaining more information about how to make Amelia feel at home in the process.

    In her second temporary home, with two other playful resident cats, Amelia thrived! It turned out Amelia was a cat’s cat after all, and being around a new group of kitty friends helped her really shine. While she still didn’t allow human touch very often, she was more relaxed with her new furry friends and growing bolder every day

    When Amelia found her person, things finally clicked into place. After only knowing them for a few moments, Amelia began allowing pets and purring, something neither of her fosters saw her exhibit. It was meant to be! Now Amelia is happy and healthy in her forever home that she shares with a wonderful person and a few other resident cats, all thanks to the tireless effort of our community of fosters and adopters who rallied around this misunderstood girl.