Two dogs laying down inside a car
Blaine the Blind Wonder

Six year old Pitbull mix, Blaine came to the Refuge from Georgia by way of our rescue partner, Animal Aid. Blaine was as gentle as they come, but he was blind in both eyes and therefore needed extra attention and care. Blaine went into foster care as soon as he came into the shelter, and he immediately impressed everyone with his loving, easy-going manner. Blaine got along with everyone - dogs, cats, and people; he loved his walks and was always be ready to cuddle. However, it was clear to us that given his disability, Blaine needed a consistent environment and other special-need items, like an orthopedic bed, to help him remain happy and healthy. Fortunately, an organization called Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation (SNARR) Northeast stepped in to help our special pup out. The folks at SNARR Northeast helped place Blaine in a foster home in Kansas where he has made himself at home playing outside with his new best friend, also blind, Lilly. Blaine is being taken care of in a loving, comfortable, and consistent environment that is helping keep him happy and healthy. We are so grateful that rescues like SNARR Northeast exist to complement the work of shelters like us. It’s only by working together that we can save more lives!