Couple posing with new dog
Our Bestie the Westie

Dexter, a 4 year old purebred West Highland Terrier was tearfully surrendered one morning by a family that could no longer afford veterinary bills for a serious, undiagnosed skin condition. It was suspected he had Cushing’s Disease and would need lifelong treatment but the blood tests alone cost hundreds of dollars to perform. Dexter is a sweet dog with a happy-go-lucky disposition and an ever wagging tail. The staff went above and beyond for him, taking him home at night and feeding him a special diet to help with his skin and fur. Luckily for Dexter, fate intervened in the form of Rosanne and William Goodwin who sponsored Dexter’s medical tests and care. After exhaustive testing, the discovery was made that Dexter had a severe but completely treatable yeast infection of the skin. Dexter has since been adopted by a loving family and now enjoys a new coat of fur as well!