two large pit bulls playing with a tug toy
The Royal Court

   Pit bull buddies Hoagie and Chipp found themselves in need this summer, too. Found wandering the streets of South Philly, the two large dogs were in immediate need of shelter. Morris staff was able to stay late and perform an emergency intake to get these big guys into our care. 

   Hoagie and Chipp were both sweet, playful, and clearly eager to find a home. With their big square heads and happy smiles, there wasn’t a person in the shelter who wasn’t won over by these two. While they didn’t appear to be a bonded pair and did not express any distress at separation, they loved to play together! Of course, finding a home where two large dogs can thrive together is a nearly impossible challenge in a city environment like Philadelphia, so we knew the boys might have to find forever homes apart.

   When a family arrived looking for one dog to join their two other pit bulls at home, we were excited, but a little sad to see the pair split up. So when Hoagie’s new family quickly decided to take his brother Chipp home too, we were over the moon! With a large house and yard for the pups to play, this superstar family couldn’t have been more excited to bring Hoagie and Chipp into their household. To match their other pups Princess and Duchess, this family settled on the names Duke and King for their new furry friends.

   Now, the two are happily presiding over their royal court with as much cuddles, playtime, and space as a pair of pitties could possibly want!