one blind cat standing next to one cat laying down
To See or Not to See

    From the moment Hamlet and Ophelia arrived at the shelter, we knew they would be a special pair of cats. These two buds play and cuddle together all the time, becoming distressed if separated. Ophelia is especially affectionate, often seeking out Hamlet for headbutts and grooming sessions!

    On arrival, Hamlet had non-functional, underdeveloped eyes that were constantly exposed to infection due to their shape and size. After careful examination by our medical staff, it was determined that he would need a bilateral eye enucleation, meaning both eyes would need to be removed. In response to his diagnosis, our community leapt into action, quickly raising more than enough money to cover Hamlet’s medical costs!

    Hamlet is now healing beautifully, helped along by his devoted sister Ophelia. He is already friendlier and happier now that his discomfort is relieved.  This journey could not have happened without our supporters!