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Animal Loving Lawyer Inspired to Make A Difference
February 18, 2021
Jordan And Pup

Jordan Stokovsky, the founder of Strokovsky LLC, has been a board member at Morris Animal Refuge since 2015. He has always been an animal lover, so when he was approached about a case involving the unfortunate death of a family dog he didn't hesitate to accept it even though it was out of the normal realm of his practice and many lawyers did not think a significant recovery was possible in light of the law which often characterizes animals as property. Those lawyers were mistaken and the case resolved for a confidential and significant amount. Seeing how passionate the family was about their dog and helping them get justice for her inspired Jordan to make even more of a difference. Jordan decided to donate all of his earnings from the case to charity, including a sizable amount to Morris Animal Refuge. A donation of this size can make such a significant impact on a small shelter like Morris, whether it is helping to increase our medical capacity through the Life Saver Fund or providing care for all the animals in our shelter for over two weeks. We are so grateful to have such a passionate and thoughtful board member as part of the Morris family and can't thank him enough for his very generous contribution.