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Can't Make it to The Fur Ball?
March 07, 2020

We are so excited to spend the night with our supporters this Friday, March 6th! We have been working so hard to put on an event that is inspiring, celebratory, and fun and can't wait to share it with everyone. However, we do understand that scheduling may not allow for everyone to make it out. Do you want to supoprt our largest fundrasiing event but can't make it out on the 6th? Keep reading!

1) One way you can support is by purchasing a 50/50 ticket! You don't have to be in attendance to win. To purchase a 50/50 ticket, click the link down below. 

2) You can also support our event by donating to "Fund the Mission." If you would like to support our mission but can't make it to the Fur Ball, consider donating in honor of the event! To do that, follow the steps below!

a) Visit our website at

b) Select the amount you would like to give.

c) Scroll down until you see a box that reads "Specific Program."

d) Selcet the "Specific Program" box and type that your donation is in honor of "Fund the Mission at the Fur Ball."

e) Complete your donation following the prompts!

All doantions to Fund the Mission will be matchd by Arm & Hammer up to $10,000! Be sure to donate on or before March 6th to the Specific Program "Fund the Mission" to have your gift matched!

Thank you in advance for supporting our mission and our largest fundrasiing gala! We couldn't do our work without our dedicated supporters!