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Celebrating Black History Month
February 01, 2022

Happy Black History Month! Black History Month is an important time for all organizations and individuals to celebrate Black changemakers and reflect on changes that still need to be made.


Historically, animal shelters have adoption processes that are not inclusive. We want to share how Morris Animal Refuge, and many other shelters, have been improving their adoption process to be more accessible and inclusive in the hopes of encouraging other animal welfare groups to follow suit. 


In animal welfare, punitive barriers to adoption have become common practice for many adoption organizations, including practices like  requiring adopters to own their home, have a fenced in yard, or have a relationship established with a vet. There is no evidence that these requirements will make someone a better pet owner. Barriers like these disproportionately impact people of color. 


Instead of enforcing these barriers, Morris Animal Refuge has an Open Adoption process, focused on conversation and providing support to our adopters to make adoption from our organization more accessible and inclusive. Everyone deserves a furry family member and we will continue to update and expand our practices to make this possible!


If you would like to learn more about the Open Adoption process, check out this article by The Humane Society.