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Coco's story!
February 04, 2021


COCO is going home! He officially found his perfect family and went home today!!! Here he is pictured here with half of his forever family :) 

Thank you so much to everyone for sharing Coco’s story - it truly took a village to get him in front of the perfect home for him. He will be joining his family in New Jersey and will have a yard to run around in and all of their love just for him! His forever family has experience with doggies with his kind of behavioral considerations in the past and are happy to give Coco the loving and patient home he deserves. We are excited for him and his new family! 

Feel free to share Coco’s adoption photo with anyone you know following his story as an update as well. Again thank you everyone! If you reached out about Coco and it wasn’t a good match, we encourage you to keep an eye on our website and socials for other adoptable pets looking for their forever homes that might be your perfect match! Our website is!


We appreciate your comments on social media and your passion for helping Coco find a home. We have expanded on the information previously provided on social media about Coco, our lifesaving mission, and the refuge’s policies on euthanasia. Please do read the entirety of this update and as always, feel free to reach out via email with COCO as the subject ( if you have questions/ concerns. We are working hard to respond to each comment, message, or email!

 Our LifeSaving Mission and policies on Euthanasia: The Morris Animal Refuge is a lifesaving organization and our mission is to find forever homes for every animal in our shelter that we possibly can. Unfortunately, when an animal is irredeemably suffering and has no chance of a positive recovery or has behavioral issues that prevent us from placing them in a home without extreme risk of injury to humans and/or other animals, euthanasia becomes part of the discussion. These decisions are not something we take lightly or make quickly. We currently have a 96% save rate and are very comfortable sharing our animal sheltering statistics publicly on our website because we know we are doing everything in our power to find a live exit for as many animals as possible. The link to our shelter statistics is at the bottom of this article. 


Coco's Update: Coco has not been euthanized. Coco's case was one of the situations where euthanasia was being discussed. We let his foster know as soon as this became a possibility so they would not be surprised by the news on social media. While they did post about the situation first, it was always our intention to put out an urgent plea for Coco to get him as many options as possible so we would be able to reevaluate the situation early this week. We are so thankful to everyone that helped share his story and offered suggestions for rescues.  Coco is a very unique case because in the right situation he can be completely safe and happy but in many environments, he would be extremely dangerous to other animals around him. Out of the hundreds of inquiries received we have three or four adopters who are still considering adopting Coco after learning about his significant behavioral needs.  We are working to get them into the shelter over the next few days as weather allows and are hopeful that one of them will decide to adopt Coco. We hope to have an update for you all soon. We couldn't do this lifesaving work without the help of our community and hope that you will continue to share Coco's story so we can make sure he has the best chance at finding a home that can meet his needs!