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Happy New Year!
January 04, 2020

Happy New Year! 2019 was a year filled with growth, change, and one special viral cat! 



Over the past year, we have grown as a Morris team! We added key pieces to our staff, as well as brought on hundreds of dedicated volunteers and fosters! We have added countless donors to our Morris family and are still growing! This growth helps us continue to improve our work and provide the best home for animals while they wait for their forever home. Check out a few statistics to help demonstrate how much we have grown in adoptions and fundraising over the past year.

In 2018, we raised $55,696.50 through events and $16,283.61 on Giving Tuesday. In 2019, we raised $59,241.25 through events and $21,296.50 on Giving Tuesday! In 2018, we adopted out 1,058 animals to their forever homes and in 2019 we adopted out 1,140 animals! On Clear the Shelters in 2018, we found homes for 26 animals and in 2019, we found homes for 37 animals in one day! We look forward to continuing to grow in 2020!



In 2019, we made key changes to our fostering and volunteering programs, adding clinic hours for fosters to come in and easily see a member of medical staff, and increasing the number of volunteer orientations run each week. We launched a brand new enrichment program, aimed at making each animal’s stay at the refuge stress free. This included installing speakers to play relaxing music in the adoption rooms, stocking up on toys for play time for animals, providing mentally stimulating toys for animals that are easily bored, and coming soon, a puppy enrichment program specially designed with puppy needs in mind! 

Also in 2019, we made much needed renovations to the refuge, including updated cat condos. The new condos are warmer, quieter, and more private for our kitties! We renovated our brand new surgical suite and isolation suite. These two areas are equipped with private HVAC air systems and special flooring to help stop disease transfer. Recently we even had a broken pipe repaired in our dog yard, allowing for proper drainage and sanitation. These changes were all made possible by our supporters! 


One special viral cat (and all of our animals)!

2019 brought us many animals in need of new homes. One of those special animals was viral sensation Chonky Mr. B. Through donations and shirt sales, this kitty unexpectedly raised tons of funds and awareness for the refuge. Additional stories of perfect adoptions warmed our hearts all year long. From kittens, to seniors, to pitties, to puppies, each and every adoption story is unique and special. Thank you for adopting and giving a homeless animals their forever home! We are proud to have a 96% save rate here at Morris Animal Refuge and look forward to continuing to save lives in 2020!


Thank you for supporting us through 2019 - we look forward to continuing to grow with you in 2020!