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Help Our Parvo Puppies
January 31, 2020
Animal Health, Animal Welfare
Parvo puppy Jamison

Morris Animal Refuge created the Life Saver Fund to have a reserve of resources to provide extra care for our animals in need.  Currently, we are in the midst of caring for a litter of eight pups with parvo who were transferred in from one of our rescue partners.  Parvo is a virus that can be fatal for puppies if they do not receive extensive care and medical treatment. With help from VSEC, Dr. Ravi of Compassion Veterinary Clinic, and the hard work of our shelter medical team the puppies are receiving top notch care, but our Life Saver Fund is quickly depleting as the average cost to treat one puppy with parvo is $3,000 to $5,000.  We need your help to continue this care and rebuild our Life Saver Fund for the animals of the future. Please consider making a donation - select “Specific Program” and "A Lifesaver Donation" under 'Donation Type' to tag your donation for the Life Saver Fund.  Interested in other ways you can help? Check out our Amazon Wish List with supplies that will help us care for these pups and keep the rest of the animals in our care safe.