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Hydrocephalus Pup
August 03, 2022

This mini potato is Arnold. He was brought to ACCT Philly by a good Samaritan who knew he needed medical attention. When we saw Arnold, we immediately knew we had to help!


Arnold has been diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, which is a build up of fluid in the brain and can be incredibly dangerous. Arnold is stable for now, but is being closely monitored and being fostered by one of our vet techs. 

We had a consultation with Penn, who recommended that Arnold have surgery in a few months when he is fully developed. Arnold will have a shunt inserted to relieve the pressure around his brain. This surgery, along with post op care and cat scans will cost between $7,000 and $10,000. 


If you can help, we are asking for donations towards Arnold’s care. So far, we have raised just over $5,000.