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April 30, 2021
Fur Ball General Square

Our annual Fur Ball is a chance to gather our community in celebration of another year of life saving. This year, we have a month-long campaign to raise funds for the refuge, increase awareness around our mission, and bring our community together on a safe, virtual platform.

Spring is a time of growth and new beginnings and just like a garden, our animals need nourishment and care for them to bloom and grow. Plant the seeds of change by joining us in this springtime celebration of Morris Animal Refuge and the community that makes our work possible!



Check out the Online Auction HERE!


How can you get invovled? There are 4 ways!


(1) Fur Ball Friday Events 

The first three events are FREE to attend with a "pay what you wish" suggested donation of $15. The final event is something extra special! Registration links and more info are below! 


Week One: 4/9, 7:00pm to 8:00pm Virtual Fitness Party 

Join us on ZOOM for an interactive fitness class for all fitness levels taught by body architect, coach, and explorer Pete Mattis. Move your body, listen to some tunes, and support MAR's life-saving mission all in one night! Tickets available on Eventbrite!


Week Two: 4/16, 7:00pm to 8:00pm l Virtual Paint Night 

Join us on Zoom for a live paint night class taught by animal lover and artist Demi Barzana! Support MAR's life-saving mission while creating art for your walls. Be sure to bring your creative energy!Tickets available on Eventbrite!


Week Three: 4/23, 7:00pm to 8:00pm | Virtual Cocktail Making Class Presented by Angel's Envy Bourbon 

Join us on Zoom for a cocktail-making class presented by Angel's Envy Bourbon! Learn to make great cocktails at home and get the chance to win an Angel's Envy gift basket with everything you need to perfect your home bar! - Tickets available on Eventbrite


Week Four: 4/30, 7:00pm to 9:00pm | Virtual Trivia with Steve Morrison 

Join us on Zoom for a fun-filled trivia night with a great prize for the winning team! Buy one of our party packages to have an even more festive night while supporting MAR's life-saving mission! Tickets available on Eventbrite.


(2) Online Auction!!

Throughout the entire month, we'll be running an online auction. We have some really special prizes you won't want to miss!

Check out the Online Auction HERE! The auction will launch on April 1st and you'll have until April 30th to make your final bids.


(3) Fur Ball Ambassadors 

Throughout the month, our Ambassadors will be fundraising and raising awareness for Morris Animal Refuge and our mission. Thanks to our Best in Show sponsor, Arm & Hammer, all of the funds raised by our Ambassadors during the month of April will be matched up to $7,500!!

Interested in being one of our ambassadors or just want to learn more? It's never too late to start fundraising. Learn more HERE


(4) Plant the Seeds of Change Shirt Sale

We have two special shirt designs to go along with our campaign! 

Now available on Bonfire!


Thank you to our Sponsors!!


Thank you to our auction donors!