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Morris is on Millie!
July 01, 2019
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Morris Animal Refuge is on Millie! What’s Millie you ask? Great question. Millie is an app aimed at changing the way we spend our philanthropic dollars. Born out of the creative mind of millennial Rachel Klausner, Millie was created to give all people, but specifically the fast-paced, digital, millennial generation an accessible way to give back. “I want to learn more about organizations that are making a real impact and interact with them more than once a year. I want to be thoughtful about where to allocate my charitable dollars. I want to build a social, cause-oriented community of young people who want to change the world.” - Founder and CEO Rachel Klausner.

Realizing she was not the only young person itching to have a more personal relationship with their giving, Rachel created Millie and now, giving back is literally at our fingertips! Morris Animal Refuge is thrilled to be featured on Millie starting today, June 25th! Download the free app today and check out our giving profile!