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Photography Tips for Pets
August 24, 2020
cat camera

Our Annual Calendar Contest is right around the corner!  Getting a great photo of your pet can be tricky but we’ve got some tips to get the perfect photo of your furry friend!

  • Take the photo for your pet’s eye level - Getting the photo from their eye level makes the photo appear as the pet's perspective rather than the human perspective.  This helps create a more appealing picture for viewers!


  • Get closer - Close up photos give you the chance to really capture the details in your pet that make them unique.  Experiment with different angles to find your furry friends' good side!


  • Use toys and treats - Your photoshoot should be a fun experience for you and your pet.  Toys and treats can be a great way to get your pet to look at the camera.  Make sure to give them lots of praise and reward them with treats throughout the shoot.
  • Take a ton of pictures - You can never really take too many pictures of your pet!  Snap a ton of pictures so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from and won’t have to worry about the occasional (or frequent) blurry shot.  Using a fast shutter speed or burst mode on your camera is a great way to get a ton of pictures all at once.

  • Pay attention to the background - Make sure your pet is the focus of the shot by getting a clean background.  A solid color or grass in the background will make for a much more appealing picture than a messy desk or busy street.


  • Show off your pet’s personality - No one knows your pet better than you!  If you have a lazy cat, a photo of them snoozing in a ray of sunshine could be the perfect shot.  Have a high energy pup?  Getting an action shot of them playing with a ball or frisbee will be a great way to show off their true character.


  • Pay attention to lighting - Using natural light is one of the best easy to get a good shot.  Take your photos during the Golden Hour (right before sunset or shortly after sunrise) to get a golden, hazy look or on an overcast day to avoid shadows.  Avoid harsh sunlight and don't use flash when possible.