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Steps to Successful Adoption!
January 31, 2021
We wanted to share a quick reminder on how to apply to adopt a pet! We are still doing all adoptions by appointment only.
To read the full instructions inlcuding what documents to bring when adopting, adoption fees, and more click HERE! Key steps are:
1. Fill out our adoption questionnaire HERE.
2. Email with the name of the pet you’re interested in as the subject line (if you are interested in multiple pets, you can list all of their names).
3. Sit tight while our adoptions team reviews your inquiry. You will only be contacted if the animal is still available for adoption and you are a good fit based on the animal’s needs.
IMPORTANT: Each pet (or litter of pets in the case of puppies and kittens) has a separate waiting list. If you previsouly applied for a pet that was adopted by someone else, you will need to email us AGAIN to express interest in a new pet.
EXAMPLE: You applied to adopt and were approved. You wanted to adopt fictional pet TOAST so you emailed us with Toast as the subject. Toast was adopted by someone else. You will not hear from us about Toast or any other pet. Now you see fictional pet WAFFLE on our website. You need to email us again at with Waffle as the subject to be considered for Waffle.