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Training Classes for you Pup!
June 07, 2020
We are excited to partner with Kirby's Canine Academy to provide basic training classes for your pup! 
Use the code provided when purchasing your online training sources and Kirby's Canine Academy will donate $10 to The Morris Animal Refuge AND give you 25% off. 
Your discount code is: Morris2020
The discount code is good for all Kirby's Canine Academy online courses. Currently, they offer Puppy 101, and a free downloadable potty training guide.
The potty training guide includes information on how to positively potty train, and what to do in case of an accident. It also includes information on tracking a puppy's potty schedule and provides users with a schedule tracker to use. 
Puppy 101 is the five week basic training course. This course covers 15 training cues that cover basic household manners. Each week also features a Dog Knowledge section, which include information on best practices to help your puppy adjust to a new home. The Dog Knowledge sections are (1) puppy handling exercises, (2) socialization information, (3) mental stimulation via kong feedings, (4) types of walks to go on with your dog, and (5) training with real life rewards in addition to treats. You can find more detailed information on the course here
The discount code is active through the remainder of 2020. Feel free to follow Kirby's Training Academy on social media @kirbyscanineacademy