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What is CH? Learn here.
July 13, 2022

Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) is a condition where the cerebellum is underdeveloped. This portion of the brain controls the motor and balance functions. 


This condition is often referred to as Wobbly Cat Syndrome, in reference to the way the cat's balance is affected. 


CH may sound like a dangerous or life threatening disease but it can actually be easily managed. The main symptoms of this disease are uncoordinated walking, swaying from side to side, and in some cases head tremors. Each of these symptoms arise when a kitten is learning to walk, thus they learn how to adapt at a very early age.


In some severe cases, cats may need special litter boxes, gates to prevent them from going down stairs, and have to be the only pet as they are not able to play at the same rate as other cats. Otherwise, they can have a very happy and normal life without any pain.


CH is caused when a mother cat has feline panleukopenia virus during pregnancy. Thus the best way to prevent this disease is to make sure cats are up to date on their vaccinations. This will prevent the virus from being passed from a mother cat to their kittens. 


Morris currently has a cat with CH, who is looking for their forever home. Her name is Wednesday. Wednesday is packed with personality! She loves to play, roll around in catnip, and eat, but mostly she is content to follow you around, lay by your side and make the *biggest* biscuits you've ever seen. She warms up quickly, loves making new friends, and shows her affection by giving tons of kisses. Though her foster's resident cats are still getting used to her, she doesn't seem phased by them at all and has made feline friends in the past. Wednesday would be a charismatic and loyal companion to any family! 


Wednesday wobbles when she walks, but her condition won't get worse over time or affect her lifespan. You can view a video demonstrating how she walks here.She doesn't need any further treatment -- just a loving home where she can make biscuits to her heart's content!