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What is it like to have a cat with diabetes?
August 10, 2022

What is it like to have a cat with diabetes?


It is becoming increasingly more common for cats to have diabetes, which results in more cats with diabetes ending up in the shelter system. Diabetic cats require a dedicated and loving owner, who understands the responsibility of owning a cat with a disease. 


Diabetes occurs when a cat’s body is not able to properly balance out the sugar in their bloodstream. As a result, they need to be kept on a strict diet to help maintain a healthy weight, and in more severe cases they require insulin therapy. 


Once a cat with diabetes has been diagnosed, and the treatment plan has been determined they can live a relatively normal life! Diabetic cats and be just as social, active, and loving as any other cat. 


There is currently a cat at Morris Animal Refuge that has Diabetes. Her name is CatCat. 


Don't be confused by her generic name--Cat Cat is anything but ordinary. A very affectionate middle aged gal with a stunning tuxedo look and soulful green eyes, Cat Cat has been getting happier and healthier by the day with medicine and some TLC. She does very well taking her insulin injections.  Cat Cat is also vocal, loves head scratches, catnip, and has done well around other animals. 


She is currently in foster care. If you are interested in learning more about her, please reach out to their foster mom at