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Why is Fostering Vital?
July 23, 2020

No matter how wonderful a shelter is, it isn’t an ideal environment for an animal’s mental health. Many
animals will experience an increase in fear, anxiety, and stress during their stay, and if they have an
especially hard time adjusting, they can start to deteriorate mentally. An animal that is lost to its own
anxiety will start to show behavioral problems that only work against their ability to be adopted. This is
where fosters come in. Not only are they protecting animals from what can be a stressful shelter stay,
they are also stopping the mental deterioration that is coupled with it. And that’s where fosters really
make a difference. By giving the animal the comfortable compassion of a home life, you are letting their
personality blossom, increasing their adoptability.

The impact fosters have on getting animal’s adopted reaches even further, from training to publicity.
Foster homes can help an animal polish their manners: sitting on command, coming when called, maybe
even something fun like roll over. A trained animal is a more adoptable animal, and with a resume full of
cool tricks, a dog or cat will have people lining up to adopt them!

Foster homes also answer important questions. Does the animal get along with cats? Kids? Dogs?
Knowing this will help the shelter make the best matches between potential homes and animals. But
with a foster, it isn’t just the shelter that is making the connection between the animal and the public!
Foster animals are introduced to a greater pool of potential adopters, from friends and family of the
foster home to strangers a dog might meet on a walk in the park! The greater the audience an animal
has, the greater their chances are of being adopted!

Fostering is saving a life. Or, maybe, even more than one. When an animal is taken out of the shelter to
enter a foster home, they leave behind an open space that can be filled by an animal in dire need. This
means that life can be saved too!

Fosters get to fill their homes with even more love from a forever grateful foster pet. Not to mention,
the satisfaction of watching this animal blossom in your care, the honor of seeing them off to their
forever home, and the knowledge that you saved this animal’s life.

Researched and written by Morris team member Rory Raymer.