Philadelphia is home to a number of “cat colonies”, or groups of unowned, outdoor-only cats who cohabit together. These cats, sometimes called “feral cats”, are better known in the animal welfare world as community cats, and there are almost 400,000 in Philadelphia alone! Community cats can be of any temperament, not just “feral”, or unsocialized. Some community cats are handleable and friendly!

The Community Cat Program at Morris provides a physical exam, spay/neuter services, vaccines (FVCRP and rabies), flea treatment, left ear tip, and a small tattoo indicating spay/neuter to any community cat brought in to us. This helps prevent disease and overpopulation in community cats, which improves the status of animal welfare across the city.

The Community Cat program is by appointment only, and it is currently only available to community cats in Philadelphia. The service costs $40 per cat, which is currently entirely covered by Mac’s Fund. To help keep this program sustainable and affordable in the long-term, please consider donating to cover future services today!

To make an appointment to bring in a Philadelphia community cat, please email or call 267-951-2353.