Philadelphia has been the home of Morris Animal Refuge since 1874. We work tirelessly, not only to find homes for Philadelphia’s homeless animals, but to improve the status of animal welfare across the city. This is why we have created the Philly Pets Program.

The goal of this program is to provide assistance to pet owners in underserved areas. All funds donated to this program will go towards hosting pop-up vaccine clinics, free pet food pantries, and other community outreach services. Vaccine clinics and Pet Food Pantries reduce the financial cost of an owned animal, which has the dual benefit of preventing surrenders and improving the overall health and welfare of owned animals in the region.

To help keep this program sustainable and affordable in the long-term, please consider donating to cover future services today!

To donate to this program just select "specific program" on our donation page and write Philly Pets Program as the name or venmo us at @morrisanimalrefuge and mention the program in your transaction.