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The Life Saver Fund is reserved for animals that need extra or emergency medical care or behavioral rehabilitation prior to adoption. Having this fund available ahead of time means that when an animal comes in that needs a little more TLC, we have the money already set aside to help the animal immediately instead of fundraising separately for each case while the animal waits for care.

The Life Saver Fund can include extensive testing to diagnose disease, long term treatment of an illness, surgeries needed to improve quality of life, emergancy proceedures to stabalize, or intense behavioral training. The Life Saver Fund is instrumental in allowing the Refuge to continue taking in animals from local and out-of-state partner groups. Many animals from ACCT Philly (animal control) or high euthanasian areas of the country are out of options and the Life Saver Fund gives us the ability to care for these animals with chronic illness while we find the perfect people to care for them.

See of how the Life Saver Fund saves lives and read the Happy Tails below!

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