Surrender is a Last Resort
What You Need to Know Before Surrendering

Surrendering an animal is one of the most serious decisions you may ever make. Many people come to us wanting to surrender their pet because they are not aware of the many resources that we have and can recommend for keeping a pet. From available low cost veterinary care options, to behavior modification to pet friendly housing options.

Surrendering your pet means giving up all claim to the animal in the future.

Before You Surrender

When having an issue with an animal, whether it be behavioral, medical, or just life circumstances, it can seem insurmountable. But before you let that animal out of your life forever, look through this resource guide and see if there's a way to keep the animal with their best friend - you! 


Resources for Pet Owners

Surrender Fees

To surrender an animal, please call us during business hours at (215) 735-9570 to schedule an appointment.

Large Dog - $100

Small Dog - $50

Feral Cat - $200

Domestic Cat - $50

We accept cash, card, or check. Please bring a valid photo ID that shows you are more than 18 years of age and any veterinary records for the animal. 

Open Admission Shelter

The Morris Animal Refuge is an open admission shelter, meaning we do not turn animals away based on age, health, or behavioral history. As a small shelter, however, we have very limited space and your animal may have a better prognosis at another shelter. Before bringing your animal to our location, please call us at (215) 735-9570 and discuss options to keep your animal happy and healthy. 

 Sick, Injured, or Severely Aggressive Animals 

If your animal is sick, badly injured, or dangerously aggressive, the safest and most humane option may be to turn your animal in for euthanasia. We provide this service for a fee of $40 but are unable to allow owners to be present with their animals during the procedure. Please consult a veterinarian or behavior specialist before considering this option. We are unable to provide medical emergency services.